Team Members

Find out more about our committee members and their reasons for getting involved.

Women in Governance’s activities are driven and supported by a dynamic and committed team with the help of its loyal, devoted partners.

Our committees work throughout the year on the different aspects of our mission.

Programming and Partnerships


The Programming and Partnerships Committee is involved in planning Women in Governance’s annual events program, thus offering our guests a rewarding and meaningful experience throughout their journey. This committee is also responsible for developing partnerships with organizations that value the advancement of women, and augmenting the impact of our events.

Michèle Meier

Vice President, Communications, Corporate Marketing and CSR, and International Affairs, Ivanhoé Cambridge

«Women in Governance’s work is important, because teams will enhance their performance through diversity and a multidisciplinary approach.»

Loïc Berdnikoff

Director, Professional Development, Lavery

«My engagement with Women in Governance is based on the vision of a legal and business community built amongst other things on gender equality and the complementarity of talents.»

Frank Bernard

Director, Professional Development, Mercer

«High-performing companies have long understood that diversity within the organization is their secret weapon.»

Anne No Delaide, ing. MBA

Vice-president, Commercial Financial Services, RBC Royal Bank

«Women in Governance is part of RBC’s DNA. For years, we have believed that achieving gender equality is the key to the success of our business and of society as a whole. I am proud that we are the first Canadian bank to have appointed a woman to chair our board of directors in 2013, which is one of the most prestigious positions in finance.»

André Dorais

Lawyer, André R. Dorais Avocats

« The only place where success comes before work is in the dictionary.»

Martina Krummen, CPA, C.A.

Tax Expert, Co-Founder, Tax Mediation Association of Canada

«An increased presence of women in corporate management and leadership positions as well as on boards of directors is essential. They bring different and complementary dynamics and perspectives.»

Claudine Pilon

Senior Advisor, External communications, BDC

«Accelerating progress towards gender equality is a moral and social imperative. The extraordinary work that Women in Governance is doing motivates us to want to act and react together to foster diversity and inclusion in our workplaces.»

Chantal Capistran

Vice-President, Communications, Projects & Assets and Clean Power, SNC Lavalin

«Inspired by inclusive leadership, influencing our changing environments with dynamism, collaboration and representation is, for me, essential.Governance is a fundamental element of our societies that must be addressed now if we want to change the story.»

Marie-Claude Frigon

Partner, Richter

«It is our responsibility to retain, develop and promote women’s talent within organizations. Women in Governance’s vision is based on Richter’s core values, which in recent years has benefited from its Women and Leadership Committee; those of equity between men and women. I am honored to serve the association in its mission, as a commitment of conviction.»

Geneviève Vigneault

Partner, Lawyer, BCF

«At BCF, we acknowledge that a diverse group of talented people within our firm and our management leads to a culture rich with a wide range of experiences and perspectives – elements that are critical to our ability to deliver excellent results to our clients. It is therefore an honor to further this mission with Women in Governance, a team comprised of accomplished men and women firmly committed to lowering the barriers that prevent women from accessing important opportunities within their organization or community and making a contribution that befits their talent and ambition.»

Mentoring and Governance Training


Members of the Mentoring and Governance Training Committee draw on best practices in mentoring and apply them to our robust program designed for women in leadership positions looking to move up to senior management. These experienced and passionate professionals support the advancement of women through their concrete actions and their strong presence alongside other mentors and the mentees.

Frank Bernard

Director, Business Development, Mercer

« High-performing companies have long understood that diversity within the organization is their secret weapon.»

Laure Cohen van Delft

Entrepreneur and Management Coach, SmartCoaching

«Opening as many doors as possible to women in decision-making roles in order to create a richer, more diverse, and more humane working environment together.»

Nathalie Deshaies

Vice President, General Philanthropic Development, Fondation CHU Sainte-Justine

«I have always considered that the success as well as the evolution of an organization rest mainly in its capacity and its will to balance its forces.»

Cynthia Fortin

Director, Affiliation program, Québecor Numérique

«To get involved with Women in Governance is to give back to the community – I was in the first cohort of the Mentoring program. Women, and especially those in my field, digital marketing, must become aware of their value, communicate it and also support each other. Mentoring is a great way to help women achieve their career goals.»

Lydia Kwizera, B.A, M.A.P

Political Attaché, Office of Yves Robillard, MP (Laval, Marc-Aurèle-Fortin)

«No one commits a greater fault than one who does nothing because he can not do much.»

Carolina Lerena

Senior Specialist, Human Resources, Bell

«Living out my passion through others’ development. Fostering their well-being by guiding them in the emergence and progression of their talents.»

Jonathan Plourde

Managing Partner, Alexander Hughes

«I chose to join the mentorship program strategic committee in order to share my passion for mentorship and my desire to influence the next generation of leaders. It’s not always easy to “infiltrate” the closed circles of Boards, so a program like this makes it possible to acquire the skills needed to get closer!»

Sonia Poulin

Partner, Audit, KPMG

«I am personally convinced of the importance of gender diversity within work teams as well as the integration of people of all backgrounds. For several years, studies have shown that organizations that ensure a good ratio of men to women at all levels of responsibility are better performing organizations!»

Guylaine Voghel, MBA

Director Business development, Logic-6

«To allow women wishing to accesss senior positions of responsability to have the audacity to follow their dream and to achieve their ambitious goals.»

Michael Rubenstein

Chief Executive Officer, Biomod inc.

«Diversity and gender parity is not only the right thing to do, it is the thing to do if you’re interested in driving better business performance. When hiring for my teams, I have always said that I would hire the best man for the job… which is often a woman!»

Communications and Media Relations


The Communications and Media Relations Committee is composed of experienced communicators who are well versed in media relations and use their creativity to make all our communications as interesting, catchy and informative as possible.

Valérie Doucet

Manager, Media Relations, Quebec and Atlantic, BMO

«I am fortunate to work in a company that values ​​the advancement of women in the business community and Women in Governance allows me to support that and to include these values ​​to an inspiring and innovative organization. I hope to contribute to Women in Governance’s outreach and to promote the evolution and integration of women in business and in companies’ key roles.»

Claudine Gagnon, MBA

Manager, Media Relations & Communications, Rio Tinto

«To encourage women to network, develop their personal brand, get involved in the Montreal’s business community, improve their knowledge on the importance of equity and women’s involvement in this ever-changing world.»

Annick Robinson

Corporate Communications Strategist, Bombardier

«We know that businesses who achieve gender equity perform better; therefore our work in support of parity is not only helping women thrive, but helping Canadian businesses do so as well.»

Carolyne Van Der Meer

Director, Communication, Pomerleau Inc.

«Women in Governance needs the support and expertise of professionals who can help grow its reach. My belief in leadership development for women has led to my offering my personal and professional support to this inspiring organization.»

Peggy Tabet

Vice-President, Regulatory Affairs, Broadcasting, Québecor

«Women in Governance represents advancement, recognition and collaboration. Companies that have adopted these virtues are leaders in their field and will remain so for a very long time.»

Sergina Guéry

President, Agence ÉvènemenCiel

«As a female entrepreneur, naturally, I can identify with Women in Governance’s mission, but above all, it’s the perfect combination of openness, courage, and passion that drives the founder, Caroline Codsi, which had led me to get involved and to truly believe that change is coming.»

Evelyne Côté

Creative Director, Associate, Lacosta Communication

«Women in Governance, for me, proudly symbolizes the new found freedom acquired by our sisters who have advocated before us for this identity quest which is women rights in our societies.
It wishes to demonstrate, not only the progress made, but also the continuation of these joint actions for parity within companies and organizations. It is precisely to help advance this cause that I have bound myself to its deep values.»

Paul Crépeau

Video production specialist, Communications Paul Crépeau

«As a communications and video production specialist, I am constantly working and collaborating with women. Personally, I have never perceived men and woman as being rivals or competitors. Quite to the contrary, I consider men and woman, in all aspects of life, as being part of the same human team. When combined, our different strengths and qualities simply make us stronger.»

Josée Pelletier

Coordinator, Administration and Sales Support of Institutional Affairs, Sun Life Global Investments

«I believe in the values and objectives of Women in Governance. I could not remain passive and decided to offer my services in order to assist in the advancement of women to board seats and other key positions.»

Anaïs Tamboise

Alternate translator at the Security Directorate, SNCF

«I always wanted to get involved in a cause that was dear to me such as gender equality, and particularly in the professional world. Women in Governance thus allows me to combine this passion and the translation one.»

Laurie Defoy

Multilingual Translation and Communications Professional TransPerfect, Toronto

«Balance within a team is vital at all levels. Women in Parity’s mission is highly positive and is pioneering in the field.»

Ginette Labarre

Communication Specialist, RISQ (Réseau d’informations scientifiques du Québec)

«Enterprising women support each other. Thanks to women in Governance, we are stronger together!»

Parity Certification


The Parity Certification Committee launched with great success the Parity Certification in Quebec in 2017, and it is now available nationwide. The focus of this innovative standard is not solely on parity in decision-making bodies, but it also takes into consideration succession planning.

Nicole Piggott

Director, Human Resources, Business Aircraft, Bombardier

«I joined Women in Governance because I feel the responsibility, as a successful woman in a predominantly male industry, to do my share. I would like to set the stage for my two daughters so that they are always judged for their skills, their intelligence, and their achievements. I hope that our actions will help to ensure that their gender is not a factor in their career advancement.»

Chantal Lamoureux, CRHA

Director, Professional Development and Quality of Practice, Ordre des conseillers en ressources humaines agréés

«As a CHRP and human resources professional, my role as well as that of my colleagues in the profession, is fundamental to transforming organizations and bringing them to achieve parity. I want to be part of the movement, to discover and deploy all possible means to achieve this goal, which will lead us to a fairer world. A world where all people can contribute to the success of organizations to their full potential.»

Robert Bonneau

Co-founder and general partner, Décarie Recherche de cadres

«However beautiful the strategy, you should occasionally look at the results.» – Winston Churchill

Louise Champoux-Paillé, C.Q., F.Adm.A., ASC, MBA

Certified company administrator

«My commitment to Women in Governance began with my participation in the Certification Committee when it was in its early days. I later shared my diverse research on gender parity and collaborated with the Government Relations and Mentoring Committees. This commitment allows me to meet women looking to break the glass ceiling while maintaining a balance between work, family, and personal life, which is so essential to living a good life.»

Behnaz Saboonchi, PhD, Ing.

Management Consultant, McKinsey & Company

«As a professional and mother of a girl, who I hope will become a woman of influence in our society, it is important for me to play a role in the development of organizational cultures where women will have faster access to more important roles.»

Lucie Pellerin, CPA, CA

President, Talinko Inc.

«I have worked for many years in the recruitment field, and my role allows me to take concrete action to promote diversity within companies. The commitment of the Parity Certification Committee is very much in line with my desire to further influence and guide the positions of senior executives towards the best ways to achieve parity within organizations and the entire society as a whole. This movement inspires me a lot!»

Priscila Gomes

Senior group advisor, employee engagement, RioTinto

«My grandmother taught me at a very young age the importance of getting involved and being part of change. I am part of Women in Governance because I feel it is a small gesture to thank all of the people that have empowered me to follow my dreams and for my role-models that have been courageous to question the status quo and paved the path before me. Globally we still have a long way to go to achieve gender parity and I want to be part of that change.»

Valerie Trassard

Human Resources Leader, Technicolor Canada

«Being part of Women in Governance’s purpose is a great honor; each of us is trying to bring add a stone for small or big changes. I am involved in the Parity Certification, helping companies across Canada thrive through their diversity strategy. The certification is a great exercise to deep dive each company’s practice and benefit from each other with the same objective: promote more women in leader positions to move the needle.»

Hélène Messier, ASC, ACC, MBA, CRHA

Coach, Corporate Director, Strategist, Gestion H

«My prime interest is with supporting the important mission of reaching parity in the business world along with being able to share my knowledge and experience with the younger generation that will ensure the sustainability of such mission.»

Government Relations


The Government Relations Committee maintains relationships and advances issues at the federal, provincial and municipal levels of government.

Karina Kesserwan

Lawyer, Aboriginal Law specialist, Kesserwan Arteau

Louise Champoux-Paillé, C.Q., F.Adm.A., ASC, MBA

Certified company administrator

«My commitment to Women in Governance began with my participation in the Certification Committee when it was in its early days. I later shared my diverse research on gender parity and collaborated with the Government Relations and Mentoring Committees. This commitment allows me to meet women looking to break the glass ceiling while maintaining a balance between work, family, and personal life, which is so essential to living a good life.»

Édith Garneau, PhD

Researcher & Consultant

«Governance by women which is not yet properly valued in general motivates me to participate in concrete actions. Addition of a diversity of women including First Nations, Inuit and Metis women shall be my leitmotif.»

Event Logistics and Protocol


The Event Logistics and Protocol Committee’s mission is to organize Women in Governance’s events and manage the attendance of dignitaries, while ensuring that the proper rules and uses of protocol are respected. Its members are committed throughout the year to offer our guests unforgettable experiences of unmatched quality.

Sergina Guéry

President, ÉvènemenCiel

«As a female entrepreneur, naturally, I can identify with Women in Governance’s mission, but above all, it’s the perfect combination of openness, courage, and passion that drives the founder, Caroline Codsi, which had led me to get involved and to truly believe that change is coming.»

Kenny Dias Medeiros, CAPM

Implementation Manager, International Region, Morneau Sheppel

« “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed people can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.” ―Margaret Mead »

Cédric Meyer

Business student at John Molson Business School & Customer service advisor, RBC Royal Bank

«Feminism is not just about women. We all benefit from living in a more balanced society that allows women to achieve their potential and to fully contribute to the growth of our economy.»

Élodie Meyer

Lawyer, André Dorais et associés

«Accessing senior management and board positions is a concern that young women must also share in order to prepare for their future but also to participate in the social movement that will contribute to achieving gender equality in all spheres of society.»



The Membership Committee is dedicated to growing the influence of our organization, the development of its membership, as well as strengthening and optimizing the links with our members.

Amina Yagoubi

Doctor in Sociology & Consultant, Digital Research Network, UQAM

« According to studies, mentoring, networking, and leadership development for women help counter discrimination in the workplace, which is mostly masculine. Equality between women and men is a collective affair, it is based on a unifying social contract. Today, glass ceilings, under-representation of women in strategic positions, sectors / industries, etc., is unacceptable. That is why I join Women in Governance’s ambitious work for a just, equal world, regardless of origin, gender, age, environment, socio-economic status, and so on. »

Zoë Alexandra Fortin, LL. B.

Trainee of the Bar, Legal Logik inc.

« New volunteer on the memberhsip committee for the creation and development of a new and more accessible membership. »

Guerlaine Guerrier

Director/Co-Founder, LaSalle des petits daycare

« Being able to join a team that gives an important voice to women is magical! »

Stephanie Doyle

President, S. Doyle Inc. & Co-Founder, Play Snow

« All united, we will rise! »

Zahida Intwala, B.Eng, MBA

Instructor Experience Specialist, Global Training Strategy, CAE

« Organizations need both women and men working together to achieve better results to the economic benefits of all parties involved by systematically addressing the issues that are hurting the advancement of women in their organization. Time alone will not solve the problems; we need to act by breaking the inertia and accelerating the progress. »

Mabel González

Head of Canadian market,Vigeo Eiris & Founder, Mujeres con todas las letras

« As leaders in the public and private sectors work to shape a better future, Women in Governance works to make sure that we, women, have our say and play our part in the effort. I’m thrilled to help the organisation achieve this goal, and I believe this will allow to foster the transformation to a more sustainable, fair and solidary society. »

Marie Claire Uwanyirigira, ing.

Entrepreneur & Founder, E-MC Property Management inc.

« Let’s work to leave our children a world where we cannot count the number of women who are successful. »



Marie-Josée Garneau

Industrial Psychologist, Manager talent management, learning and development, Standard Products

« “Anything may happen when womanhood has ceased to be a protected occupation “- Virginia Woolf
Being a member of Women in Governance means we continue to carry on the wonderful dream of freedom that our elders left us in heritage.»