Who We Are

Women in Governance’s Annual Recongnition Gala – Toronto

Women in Governance, also known as La Gouvernance au Feminin, is a not-for-profit organization founded in 2010 to support women in their leadership development, career advancement and access to Board seats. The alarming statistics on the number of women in senior management positions or on Boards are what motivated the creation of this NGO.

The research shows that companies and organizations with a greater number of women at the executive level or on boards tend to perform better financially, especially during periods of recession. Allowing women to progress is therefore not only in the interest of women, but a good business decision, particularly in a context of a talent shortage.

The situation has vastly improved in the last 50 years for women, but not fast enough when we look at the number of seats they occupy on Boards: with only 15,9% in Canada in 2015, the gap is wide.

Women in Governance holds events with high-profile influential and inspiring leaders, both male and female, to encourage women to network, develop their personal branding, get involved and enhance their education in governance.

Women in Governance’s activities are not only dedicated to women who want to make a difference but also to men who will be able not only to extend their support to make our vision a reality and further our mission, but also become real ambassadors for diversity.