Women in Governance’s Annual Recongnition Gala – Toronto




This mentoring program is one of Women in Governance’s hallmark activities destined to support women’s advancement.

The mentoring cohort is made up of women who wish to be mentored by an experienced person in order to boost their career and create the conditions so they can become members of Boards of Directors. It also involves women and men offering their expertise and committing to helping women learn, be empowered and advance in their careers.

–    Start of program: January
–    Duration of mentoring: 1 year

The first mentoring cohort of 2016 offers individual pairings and has been carefully planned by the Mentoring Strategic Committee. Pairing is based on the needs, preferences and career path of each participant. The mentor-mentee pairings establish new relationships that are enriching for both parties. Four training sessions provide guidance for the individual meetings. The training sessions are specifically designed for the cohort dyads in order to facilitate the mentor-mentee relationship and enrich discussions by adding practical content.


Following the initial year, mentees are invited to actively participate in the Mentoring Strategic Committee in order to help the next cohort get started and do their part in helping new mentees, thus contributing to the goals set by Women in Governance.


Women in Governance’s mentoring program has been created by a committee of seven people with strong experience in the field. The program allows each mentee to drive the relationship and assume her own responsibilities related to her goals and desired results.

•   The mentor must use an approach based on reflective thinking.
•   The mentor should ask questions that cause the mentee to reflect and progress in her own thinking.
•    The mentor must empower the mentee, motivate her, and help her draw her own conclusions.

A dynamic workshop is organized with each new cohort to initiate participants to the mentoring method.

An in-depth survey as well as a series of interviews are conducted by the committee to optimize pairing. Periodic follow-ups ensure the program runs smoothly for each pair.

Women in Governance’s mentoring program is offered who are already in a management position; it aims to help them break through the glass ceiling.


« J’ai déjà fait quelques ateliers sur le networking et je crois que celui-ci est de loin le plus utile et pragmatique. »

Véronique Dorval, Vice President, Client Engagement and Sponsored Markets, Sun Life Financial


Training Session #3 Networking, Cohort #1 Mentoring Women in Governance

2016.05.17 Formation #3 Réseautage, Cohorte #1 Mentorat La Gouvernance au Féminin
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Training # 2 Cohorte # 1 Women in Governance and Celebration of International Woman’s Day

2016.03.08 Formation no. 2 de la Cohorte no. 1 de la Gouvernance au Féminin et célébration de la journée internationale de la femme
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Launch of the first mentoring cohort Women in Governance

2016.01.14 Lancement de la première cohorte de mentorat de la Gouvernance au Féminin
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Great partner of the mentoring program.

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